What is Internet Pro Club and how does it work?

Few people have been asking me about the use of the Internet pro club, how it works, and the benefits. I am going to explain the structure of the Internet pro club so that you get to understand and use it to your benefit.

A coaching and mentorship program 

Internet pro club is a coaching program. Let me get into some of those features and I’ll explain one by one so that you understand the idea of coaching behind every feature.

What inspired us to created Internet Pro Club

In my Internet marketing journey, I realized that my success rely heavily on mentorship. There was a time when I would use different tools or different channels to connect with my mentors, people that give me help, like asking questions, having discussions and so on. Now, I’ve got to a point where I have to share my ideas with others, including my business friends as well have great ideas to share. We then decided create one platform where we can share resources that are based on mentorship and coaching.

IPC Community

So the first thing that I would love to talk about is the members and community, on Internet pro club. We are a community of online entrepreneurs beginners and expects where we gather, discuss and share ideas.  Our community has different people, writers, bloggers, YouTubers, affiliate marketers and so on. The goal is to create a sense of community for mentorship. Now, this leads us to the next feature, which is the courses and the training. 

Courses and training

If you go to the courses section, you can see that there is a number of courses that are there, and we will be adding more. Personally, I’m a course creator, I have to put all my courses in one place. This means easy access to my training other than having a number of websites for each course.  The course and training is part of the coaching.

Question and answer forum

Sometimes people may not need necessarily need a training they may need just in answer. Imagine if I have to discuss with people via WhatsApp, I have one on one with someone who needs help. In most cases our conversations that we have with that person is very important, if we could share that conversation with the public, it simply means other people can also learn. So the forum aspect is where people go and ask questions and discuss ideas. In the future if someone is asking the same question they go on the forum, and they can read through what we have discussed before. I got this idea because one of my mentors, I’ve had real time conversations with my mentor and. The unfortunate thing, I did not save every conversation that I was having, but if I was going to present to you the conversation that I had, you were going to learn valuable information.


We also have what we call groups, Think of groups as people gathered around for a common cause. These works similar to Facebook groups.

If you are familiar with Facebook group then you would understand how the groups work on Internet Pro Club.

Writing article on Internet pro club

These also the article section. You know, a lot of people are dying to share their ideas, their imaginations, and we have good, great writers.

Our platform allows every member to write an article on our platform and share their ideas with others. Check out this feature here. You can write reviews and whatever you need. 

 Job boards on internet pro club 

The job sections is a job board where employers can share some tasks or job vacancies.


This is a listing of offline and online events. We will continue to add to the community as long as we know something that can benefit our community.

The idea is to impact a lot of people’s lives. This is how the Internet Pro club works. I hope you will be able to use it to your advantage. Build your portfolio please leave a comment below.

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