What I have learned from my first HTML Lessons

1.How l started HTML lessons

My uncle Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma sent me a link on my email and if l click this link it would open a page on a website called code academy and how l opened this page l used Chrome.When l opened this page it showed a number of different lessons which included data science, computer science and the lesson l took to practice was Introduction to HTML. 

2.How l conducted my HTML lessons

When l opened the html lesson it asked me to make an account which included my email and more details of me.The purpose of why l made my account was so that noone could login in my lessons and security.l took about 5 days to do these lessons and understand them well,so there was 16 lessons so l had to go through the lessons uptothe end.Each lesson could take me an hour n maybe if l did 3 lessons on the same day it would take me the whole without rest. 

3.What l learnt on this lessons

l learnt how to:

1.Make headings using <h1>and </h1>tags

2.Make subtopics using the <h2> and </h2> tag

3.Make video links using the <video> and the closing tag which is </video

-Some of the tags l learnt about where :






4.The most difficult things l went through

Was to make a vidoe link and an image link.Sometimes the instruction l had ti be told to follow l wouldnt understand them but l had to be patient to read over and over again until l understand.Sometimes l used to construct the wrong tags on the sentences that had been given.  


l have literally learned a lot on the HTML CODE PROGRAM and thanks to the help of my uncle and am so grateful and l am also looking forward to learning more of what he knows.

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