Ways to make money online for jobless graduates

Back in the day, one would know that straight after graduating from university, getting a job was a fairly easy and fast process. It was almost unheard of that a fully qualified graduate would spend months or even years roaming the streets looking for a job without finding anything. For this current generation of university and college graduates however, that is no longer the situation in Zimbabwe. Finding employment after graduation is now very difficult as there are so many qualified graduates and very few jobs to put them in. As a way out, some are now turning to the internet to see if there are avenues they can take to act as a substitute for traditional jobs that they should have been in. Here are some of the ways jobless graduates are making money online.

1. Online forex trading

Online forex trading is the process of taking advantage of the up and down changes in the values of different currencies by buying and selling them in order to make a profit. This activity has increased in popularity especially over the last few years due to the widespread availability of internet connectivity. Any individual can get into forex trading, even without having a fancy qualification in finance. What is needed mostly is willingness to work hard and learn the ropes that are involved in becoming successful. Some are able to self teach by reading pdfs and watching training videos. This is not the best route however, as the majority will tend to see that having an experienced mentor guiding you will shorten the journey to your success.

2. Teaching online

Those with specialised knowledge in a particular area can create online courses that they can teach to students from various parts of the world online. For instance, if you have knowledge on how to bake, you can set up a baking course that teaches the processes involved and what is needed for one to produce quality cakes. Teaching online has the advantage of the potential for reaching a much wider pool of students than traditional classroom teaching.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of another individual or company`s products or services online and once you make a sale, you will be paid a certain percentage of the price of the good as a commission. Though it can be lucrative, setting yourself up in this type of business requires lots of patience and commitment as one has to work on it for several months or even a year before they start to see any money coming in.

In conclusion, though there are several ways which jobless graduates can use to make money online, I decided to focus on just these three for today. If there are other ways of making money online that have replaced a traditional job for you, please share in the comment section below and give hope to others who are depressed about having no work and a source of income.

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