Ways to make money online for a student

There are many ways to make money online in the World today. The following are ways that students can earn money on their spare time that require no monetary investments from you. What it requires is your determination to explore and your passion to do exciting work.

Participate in online surveys

Filling out online surveys has become an increasingly popular way for students to make money in their spare time. Research companies are continually looking for new members globally to test new products and answer surveys. This is an excellent opportunity to make money while studying. Spending a few minutes filling out a survey can earn you a couple of dollars. This can either be paid out as rewards or cash, and you may be lucky enough to come across surveys that offer five dollars.

Review apps and websites

All you’re required to do is browse and review different websites. This is all made possible through UserTesting.com. Reviewing a website usually takes 20 minutes and gives you $10 that’s paid through PayPal.

Sell your notes

Another great way to make money while studying is to sell your notes. If you’re one of those students who doesn’t mind sharing their notes, this could be one of many excellent ways to make money as a student. There are sites that provide you with a platform to sell your notes. All you need t

o do is upload your summaries, along with the price. You get paid when another student downloads it. Many sites, like Nexus Notes, are free for anyone to use. However, these sites tend to take a percentage of the money you earn from your notes’ sales. This is to cover costs such as marketing. You need to upload PDF, but these notes can be handwritten. Nonetheless, you are more likely to gain an increase in downloads if you type the notes out instead.

Sell course books

Another one of the best ways to make money as a student is to buy other students’ textbooks when they are finished with them at the end of the year. Keep them for the new intake of students to come and advertise these books. Students are more inclined to buy second-hand books than new ones because new coursebooks have a reputation for being very expensive. This is a way to make money while studying, as all you need to do is advertise these books around your university or on Amazon Marketplace. However, it’s important to note that Amazon takes a commission on book sales.

In conclusion there are many ways to earn money online excluding the mentioned above. If you have some more  ways of earning money online that you have come across, please feel free to add below………………

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