Personal development – working on self.

Eva Lu defines personal development as a way to better understand yourself, your unique personality and potentials, your strengths and weaknesses, your aspirations and your talent. This progressive betterment of yourself is necessary because if you do not read, you do not learn, if you do not learn, you are not feeding your brain, if your brain is starved… it dies. They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. While Mark Zuckerberg is being innovative and creating an application, you are busy stealing from the pockets of a stranger you just met at the bus-stop. While reading is not the only way to self develop, there are many other ways that one can employ eg. online courses, yoga, fitness and meditation all fall under the subject of progressively becoming a better person. The areas in our lives that self development seeks to enhance include but are not limited to mental, social, spiritual, physical and emotional.

With that being said, let us look at some of the benefits of self development

High Self esteem

Self esteem is basically one’s self worth. People who grew up in environments were they were not appreciated tend to believe that they do not have value as a person, leading to low self esteem. Self development can improve one’s feelings of self worth and overcome self doubt.

A confidence boost

Confidence is trusting your abilities to get a certain task done. If one is not confident he/she doubts his abilities. Self development boosts one’s confidence through taking of technical courses to improve skills, working on mindset to get rid of negativity and then putting into practice that which has been mastered.

Discover yourself

Personal development allows you to discover what you love, what you want out of life, your values, and your beliefs. It helps you learn who you want to be and then become that person. When you develop and grow, you learn and discover about yourself.

There are so many other benefits to self development. It is my hope that you and i will make the choice to become versions of ourselves one step at a time.

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  1. For me personal development has been one of the strength in staying strong in business even in trying times. Yes in needed these are very valid points in regard to personal development.I love it