Life is all about growing one way or the other. We were not born as we are right now. We were born as babies and we grew up through development. Whatever and whoever we are now we had to learn through growth. As babies, family, culture and society helped us grow (this is termed early-life development). When we grew up we still had to understand who we are, what we need, where we are going and how to get there. This is now called Personal development. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of personal development in life and business in general. How we strive to better our selves mentally, physically, emotionally, academically and professionally has an effect on our lives and how we run bussineses. 

Personal Development presents a number of benefits to both life and business and these include the following: 

1. Improves Smart Goal setting 

Personal development helps one become clear about what is really important to them, where they want to be and where they are going. This can guide one on how to make smart decisions on goal setting and priorities, conduct good business with others and on how to move forward as an organization also influencing culture. Knowing yourself allows you to determine your steps and correct where corrections are needed. This gives you direction both in life and in business. In these ever changing times it becomes  easy to adjust to change as one is developing themselves beacause they get to see things in a different view getting an opportunity to plan accordingly.  

2. Increases Productivity and Motivation 

Personal development brings about self-awareness and this can increase your productivity. Becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses can encourage you to produce higher quality work. In seeing improvement in yourself can give you a little confidence boost and motivates you to achieve more. Self-awareness can guide you to develop your weaknesses into strengths, for example, a poor attitude can be turned into a positive one. This can be achieved by recognising the impact and consequences of your attitude and how it can affect others around you. Becoming more aware of how others respond to or absorb your mood and behaviour may encourage you to control it or even turn it into a positive attitude in order to encourage others in the workplace! This should give you the drive that you need to become more productive and work harder to achieve your personal goals.

3. Improves Skills 

Improving your areas of development will also improve your skills, for example; if you are trying to improve a certain skill in your line of work, you can use your personal development tools to keep track of this in order to develop the skill. This could make you a more competent worker and your colleagues may even recognise that you are becoming more dynamic. This could open up opportunities for growth and promotions.

4. Improves  Mental health and boosts Self-esteem 

Personal development doesn’t only improve your work life, it also can help you to develop your personal life in a variety of different ways, for example, improving relationships, achieving a work-life balance, controlling your actions and emotions better, etc. Keeping track of your positive and negative behaviours can help you to manage them better, i.e preventing or correcting negative behaviours and encouraging positives ones. This can help you to become the person you want to be and therefore, improve your self-confidence and performance at work, whilst developing your self-esteem and mental health. Good mental health is good as it bring a sound mind. In any business it allows diversity in ideas. Its a good breeding ground for new ideas and it boosts self esteem. 

In conclusion, recognising your areas of development and working on them can only encourage you to keep achieving. It enables you to be a go-getter person. Movement in time means one cannot stay in one place for a longtime thus personal development is a big advantage of being ahead in life and in business as well. 

With that being said I would love to know your thoughts concerning personal development and what has been discussed above. Post your comments in the comments section below. 

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  1. Yep well said all the points you shared are valued with regards to personal development. If we work on personal development as the base of our business surely the chances of staying strong are very high. Great write up, you are also a great writer weldone nice article