Online earning challenges

Challenges of making money online

Making money online is a dream most people now posses especially in this current age we are living in where access to the internet is now more widespread than it has ever been before at any other time in history. Nowadays, even a lower priced and basic smart phone can allow one to get online and undertake various activities that they desire. Many people however, have fallen into the trap of believing that once they have access to the internet, making money there is easy and all they need is to show up, make a few simple clicks and things will just fall into place. Nothing could be further from the truth. Making money online comes with almost the same challenges that are faced when building a traditional brick and mortar business, the difference being that the challenges faced online will come in a different format. Here, let us just take a look at a few of the many challenges that an online entrepreneur will face in their money making journey.

Challenge number 1: False promises and scams

After briefly going through popular sites with a lot of human activity such as Facebook, you are sooner rather than later likely to run into various adverts of individuals claiming to have found the holy grail of earning an income online. Normally, these are laced with promises of making a huge profit after making only a small investment and waiting for a brief period of time. For example you are told to invest, let’s say a $100 and in a week you will have a return of $5000 through bitcoin trading. Now, to someone who is now more experienced in online earning this is just plain ridiculous and they are sure to stay away. A newbie on the other hand will likely be enticed at the thought of making so much money from such a small investment. The end result is tears for them as they will realize that no huge profit is coming as this was only a scammer who has made away with their money. The internet is littered with scammers and you have to be careful when deciding on an online venture to pursue. Keep away from promises which sound too good to be true. A genuine path to earning online is always going to require hard work and patience on your part before you start seeing good results.

Challenge number 2: Pursuing online income when you are desperate

Due to reduced employment opportunities especially in countries such as Zimbabwe, many people are turning towards the internet for a source of livelihood. This is not a bad idea as the internet can be a great substitute for a physical job that requires one`s presence. A problem can arise though in the case that an individual is seeking online income for money that is urgently needed, for example to pay off debts or pay bills. Desperation for money makes it quite difficult to properly follow all the steps that are necessary to achieve success. The temptation to try and cut corners in an attempt to speed up the process will then arise and this almost always results in failure. The most advisable method of sourcing income from the internet would be to build on your online activities whilst you are in another job or source of income that caters for your basic expenses such as food and rent. This way, you would be in a much better position to exercise the patience that is required before you are able to earn enough money online to make a living.

Challenge number 3: Going it alone

Like any other venture, online earning requires one to gain the knowledge first of what exactly they need to do for them to be successful. Whilst this knowledge can be acquired through self teaching, this is not the most advisable route as it will most likely be filled with greater frustration and confusion. By attempting to learn on your own without a mentor or advisor, you make the process of learning much longer and more difficult for yourself. The wide variety of approaches and different forms of learning material available on the internet will make it very confusing for a beginner, hence the need for a mentor to guide you and assist you in what needs to be done.


Making money online carries it with stumbling blocks just like any other worthwhile venture. There are many of these challenges that exist but in my own journey so far, these are the ones that I have had personal experience with. You can share below other issues you have faced and help a fellow brother or sister to avoid falling into the same pit.

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  1. You have staed some great points here that most people face when they need to start an online business or make money online. Especially those that are just getting started> Once you realize these there you need to make sure that you work your way up an find the answers and there are a lot of people that are willing to help on this matter