Online Business for Stay At Home Moms.

As a stay at home mom or career woman and you are probably wondering what it is that you could do that can give you income without leaving the house and the same time allowing you to watch your children grow and spend quality time with them and also having time for yourself. There are plenty of online opportunities that a stay at home mom can venture into with less set up costs. Lets get right into the discussion.

 In these uncertain times as a mom and if you had been relying on your school job for your 8 to 1pm for a salary or your 9-5pm salaried its high time you should invest or upgrade your skills and use your time to make money online. Online tutoring is one of the jobs you can take up online, what you will need is a reliable internet connection to kick start. You can teach your favourite subjects or teach English online as it is the most widely sought. The advantage being that you create your own schedule and hence it gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your children without having to rely too much on house help all the  time. As a stay at home while working from home you can always monitor the progress of your little one’s online learning.

However even if you are not trained in the education sector you can still teach as they are companies who already have a curriculum set and they only need people that can teach. You can be a Math tutor, dance tutor, art tutor and the like. Companies like Magic Ears, Cambly, VIPKid are some of the companies that hire online teachers.

If you are into information and technology (ICT) there are IT related tasks that as a stay at home mom can embark on. If you have experience building websites, coding or working on social media, look into one of these excellent work from home opportunities. Some companies hire remote workers for positions like coder and programmer, while others are excellent freelancing options: Website designing, video editing, social media evaluator, programming, webinar presenter etc.

As a stay at home mom you can actually explore writing as a career. By writing articles for specific projects will be an absolute advantage as you will be paid. They are companies that actually pay you to write articles. Companies like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork amongst others.

One of the ways to do what you enjoy most is by creating a cookbook or write up recipes and monetize. The old recipes that have been passed from generation to generation (family recipes) with secret ingredients, why not upgrade those a little, create an online recipe/cookbook and make people pay for it. Better still you can go to platforms such as Fiverr and offer to create easy and unique recipes as a skill, mommy go online and get paid!

In conclusion, they are so many ideas that stay at home moms can explore. As a stay at home mom why not use your creativity to uplift or reach out to  other moms, who knows maybe one day you would have created a series for working online stay at home moms. In the comments section lets share some of the ideas that stay at home moms could benefit from! 

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