My name is Malvern Sumaili , I am a 17 year old boy who decided to take lessons on code academy during the COVID 19 crisis


At first my friend Blessed sent a link on my account about code academy. I went on this link and it was  my first time to learn about coding. I opened the link and l saw different lessons which included java script,html csc ,programming and data science. As a learner l was told to attend the HTML lesson first and then the other will follow after doing the basics first.

How l know about starting html lessons

Starting on the first lesson was easy as cutting margarine with a hot knife because some instructions were guiding me on the other side. As a learner, it was my duty for l to follow the simple instructions. I created my account to start lessons on the platform of code academy, after that l logged in code academy platform. The purpose of creating the account was for security.

How did I conduct the lesson

On the first stage there were about 16 lessons. At the first day my Colleague blessed helped me to start the first lesson. I learned on making headings using the following.

What l learnt on this lessons

l learnt how to:

  • Make headings using <h1>and </h1>tags
  • 2  .Make subtopics using the <h2> and </h2> tag
  • Make video links using the <video> and the closing tag which is </video
  • -Some of the tags l learnt about where :
  • 4 .<p>
  • 5. <div>
  • 6. <image>
  • 7. <video>
  • 8 <link>

What I liked on the lesson and Difficulties I faced

When I was conducting these lesson I liked the instructions which were guiding me on the other side but along my way I faced difficulties. Like to make a video link and an image link. Sometimes the instruction l had to be told to follow l wouldn’t understand them but l had to be patient to read over and over again until l  understand. Sometimes l used to construct the wrong tags on the sentences that had been given. 


I want to thank my colleague Blessed for teaching me on HTML Courses.I am looking forward to know more things on coding

Done By: Malvern Proud  Sumaili

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  1. The is indeed great work keep it up boys I cant wait to see your first creation from what you are learning on code academy