My 7 Ways of making money online for 2020

The internet avails a lot of business opportunities for internet entrepreneurs, the choice is left on an individual on which method excites and is preferable to them.

No matter your location, you can make money online if you have a computer and internet connection. However, I have realised that its not everyone who succeed in earning money online and finds ways to make money online.

Knowledge is very essential, or should I say, knowledge is the backbone of your online business.

Whether you want quick money or passive income, the internet has a lot of ways to make that possible.

I have come up with my top 7 ways of making money online in 2020. You can choose to focus on one and make money but I prefer and recommend you use a number of them so you have multiple streams of income.

Lets go straight to the top 7 ways and you also start earning online!

1. Create and sell information products.

The first one is turning your knowledge into profits. Are you an expert in a particular area? Is there an area which you have interest or passion in?.

If the answer is yes then this option is for you. I am of the opinion that everything is teachable therefore turn your knowledge into a product which can be sold through the internet. The product can be an ebook, videos and online courses.

2.Affiliate Marketing

This one is the most famous one for bloggers, all you need to get started is a blog website.

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby an affiliate receives commission from a company by promoting the company’s products. The affiliate utilises referral link so blog visitors proceed to test and buy the products being promoted.

3.Coaching, training and teaching

This one is for entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills which they can transfer and impact on others. For example, you can teach online on how to using social media for marketing offline products.

If you are already successful in making money online, you can then impact those skills to other and earn income. I am of the opinion that everything is teachable, therefore, take advantage of this way of making money.

4. Offering a service

You can make a website that offers services or add to an existing website to make extra income. Suppose you are a web designer you can offer the service online and get paid. You can also do freelance online jobs and make easy money.

A few good Freelancer websites are:

5.Membership sites and continuity programs

This is when you have a business with members or clients paying on a monthly basis, this enables you to have a dependable and continuous income.

For you to have success in this method, you have to have a tribe, that is, a good number of followers. My advise is first build your online brand, have a good number of followers and then make money using continuity programs.

To sustain or increase your income with  membership site, you have to continuously give valuable and helpful content.

6. Building a site and selling adverts

This first thing to do is build a blog website which has valuable and helpful content that attracts a good number of visitors.

This way can be a good source of passive income if managed well, avoid having a website that is clearly designed to display ads. Then on the website sell advertising space and make good money, they are various ways of doing such as using google AdSense.

7. Own youtube channel

You can also make money though making videos on youtube, create videos with valuable content.

You can partner with youtube and make money from ads, selling products and working with brands as an influencer or affiliate. Take that smartphone or camera and start making money.

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