Methods of promoting my offline business using the Internet

An offline business basically involves physical products and services but limited to a geographical area. If I am to operate an offline business, it would involve retailing, offering Accounting and consulting services, teaching ordinary and Advanced level students commerce and accounting, teaching aspiring chess players how to play the game of chess. Below I will elaborate more on how I can promote some of these these offline skills.


Retailing involves the buying and re selling of goods in order to get a profit. Through the internet I can advertise to friends and family via Facebook. Lets say  I am selling cellphones and cellphone accessories  through facebook I can also reach the public there by generating more sales. In order to promote the business, I can also start a blog thereby generating more customers as they search for the type of products I will be selling on the internet. Through the internet I can also create a website where my customers can order, get product knowledge, post queries and make payments online. Through a website I also get to advertise my new products on offer.

Offering Accounting and Consulting services

Through consulting services I get to help small businesses with  marketing advice and bookkeeping advice. Through the Internet I can market my skills worldwide via social media and get the chance to get more customers. Through creating a website I can have clients posting their work and I Will assess and analyze lets say their day to day  business records and then prepare them financial accounting reports such as Statement of Cashflows, income Statements etc. This will help to show whether they are neccesarily making a profit or loss. Through the analysis I can help them to make decision to improve profitability and cashflow in their firms. The Internet can also help to conduct the business also via video eg through video calls, skype,zoom etc

Teaching games

My entire life I have always been a lover of games such as checkers, Chess. It is fascinating just by speaking to friends, workmates and strangers that many people love to play the game of chess but they lack the platform of learning it from. Through Youtube videos I can create tutorials that can help learners to master the game. I can also promote this skill by one on one videos via zoom or skype to teach individual students. Through the internet i can also write ebooks for the game that can be sold to globally  leading to more sales.

In conclusion the internet can help offline businesses very positively, If you any additions to the mentioned above or other offline skills that you have successfully promoted via the internet, please feel free to comment below…………….

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  1. Yes, you just reminded of my self when I just got started. I also had to do a test on one of the offline businesses I was doing my sales increased with just a little action I took deploying online marketing method. It is true that an offline business can be marketed though the internet. there is a lot of people and businesses that may need such help. Hence, the market that is ready to pay money for this is readily available.