Making money online challenges

Trying to make a living from working remotely has never been an easy road. Many people at some point chose to look for online work. Some gave up along the way because their first impression was that it was going to be a walk in the park with loads of money to be made. Others joined companies, individuals or sites that scammed them of their hard-earned monies. What ever the case maybe, trying to make a living through the internet is just as difficult or even harder as it is offline. In this article i will be discussing some of the challenges faced when one tries to take the online route.


One of the many challenges online workers face is procrastination. Remember, this is self-paced, self-monitored journey. With the offline work, there is your boss at the office who is expecting you to do the job that he has delegated to you, so you are under pressure to produce results and make her happy. With most online jobs, there is no-one monitoring you, no-one is asking if you have read the article that will help you understand how to navigate the waters of online work, no-one is asking you wake up at 12 midnight to teach the Japanese students who live 9 hours away from you. You have to push yourself and its easy to feel lazy and not do the work.

Getting started

When you decide to find an online job, you start to realize that there are tech gadgets that one needs in order to get started. Not everyone owns a laptop or you may have it, but it may not meet the requirements and needs of online employers or the work you intend to do , so yes, you want to buy one. Other equipment that are necessary to get started include a quiet working space or room, desk, comfortable chair, after all you will be spending hours seated doing your researches. 

Stable internet connection

Now we get to the interesting part. When i think about internet connection i start to see what people mean when they say some African countries are 100 years behind most developed nations. Getting stable internet connection in Zimbabwe can cause you nightmares. I live in a suburb in Harare were ISPs are not willing to provide cable connection for reasons best known to them. My experience with my service provider has been nothing short of a painful and horrendous experience. As if not having a  stable connection was not enough, the charges for buying data are out of this world crazy. In Zimbabwe 100gigs of data cost me usd$70 while in South Africa, our neighboring country, it costs around $20. 

For us here in Africa the struggle is real. Making money online is no easy task. In as much as there are opportunities, the hurdles require someone who is willing to put in the fight.

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  1. I remember when I was just getting started indeed the issue of internet is a challenge. Funny enough a lot of people spend time online with some things that are not very productive. Internet was one of my major challenge. I guess it’s a matte if understanding the challenges and making sure we over come them great work I love the article