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Welcome to Internet Pro Club Coaching Program


Congratulations on registering and becoming a member of IPC coaching program. We have a lot lined up for you so that you can maximize your potential. There are generally 2 types of people who join programs like ours. They are:

  1. Those that join and go through the material for 2 weeks and once they see that it’s a lot of work, they quit.
  2. Those that stick with the program and do anything it takes to succeed.

Which group do you belong to? I hope it’s the second group which says, I want to learn, I want to grow and will do whatever it takes to move my life and my business to the next level. If we all worked and gave up, we would not be where we are today.

In fact, this program you are registering for wouldn’t be here. When I started out back in 2007, I had to stick with it. I failed several times but kept getting up and it has taken me to where I am today. Here is an encouragement. If you are starting the program today, stick with the program.

One of my mentors said; “Get excited, pay attention and never, ever quit”. I say the same to you. Don’t give up. Listen to what the mentors we will be bringing to you are saying. Invest in a journal and write things down. Commit to success.

When you begin, network with other students. It is through networking and pairing up with other students that you get the maximum benefit from this course. Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you need help as we are all here to help you succeed.

As leaders, we demand of ourselves more than anyone else will. You will be getting assignments during the course of this program. I encourage you to place a demand upon yourself to succeed. As a recommendation, go through the whole program once, as fast as you can then come back and go through it again while taking notes.  

Make sure you go through the modules in sequence as we have designed them to build on top of each other.

My hope, prayer and desire is that you have the success you have always wanted and when you do that, you make an impact in your family, community and the world. I believe in you. Follow the program and model the success and you too will be a success.

As a request, when you become successful, send us an email so that we can let others know that you have become successful. There is credibility by the association as you associate with the leaders here.

I emphasise that you don’t quit and complete the program. Leaders are readers who keep learning. I’m Yeukai Kajidori and on behalf of my business partner Kudakwashe Tshuma and the team at World Outsourcing Solutions, we wish you all the success.  

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Remember: Pay Attention, Get Excited & Never Quit

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