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Setting up your 24/7 online sales rep


As part of what we are doing in this first part of the series of the training, you need to set up your 24/7 online sales representation. This is one of the things for this training to work. You need to set up systems that speak about Elamant on your behalf while you are asleep. You will understand this while you are taking the training that you are going to deploy your first marketing campaign on the internet and that is going to pull a great deal of leads that will ask about how Elamant works.

Watch the video below

Now, let me show you what this sales rep is, every member in our team has a webpage like the one below. The good part is that it is created for free for them. For anyone else the webpage can be created for a small fee.

Webpage sample

purpose of this is to bridge between the presentation for Elamant and the actual Elamant website. There are many benefits in having a webpage like this.

To mention a few

  • You can customise what you want your visitors to see
  • You can be contacted through your webpage as your contact details are displayed there
  • Prospects may join your whatsapp group via your webpage

Coming right up is a step-by-step guide on how to create a webpage like the one above.

Take Note: This is an interactive module and it will do you well to actually watch the video module of it. Here is the Webpage Tool link that we use to create the web pages for our team members.

You must have the webpage otherwise you will not be able to make sense of this module.

  • Webpage tool/software that I sued in this video click here
  • More Video tutorials on using this tool click here
  • Our team members get the webpage set up for them for free however if you are not part of our team and you need a Webdesigner set it up for you for a small fee click here
  • Our facebook group click here
  • Image
  • Site Title: Elamant Presentation
  • Site description: Learn how to get paid for your shopping receipts with elamant. A lot of entrepreneurs have taken advantage of elamant why not you.
  • Video Presentation: https://youtu.be/3Jh2p3vxtog
  • Forum to ask a question click here
  • If you face challenges lets set up an online meeting via zoom


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