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Leveraging social site for network marketers


Now that you have set your first campaign following the previous lesson. Give it up to 48 hours you should be able to see a lot of leads coming to you for more information.

You may also use the website below to find leads in specific countries or regions.

Watch the video below

As we start, I would like to congratulate you for coming this far. I am going to show you one more social media platform that you can leverage as a network marketer. The difference with this method is that it is manual and time consuming. Therefore, you do not have to focus on but if you do have time you can use this method to grow your Elamant business. Let us jump right in so I can show you how to leverage this platform for your business to find more leads.

The platform I am talking about is called MLM Gateway. What you need to understand is that this platform has free and paid membership. I am going to stress this; you do not have to pay but if you have a good budget then go ahead.

How to Get Free Business Leads Daily with MLM Gateway?

Every network marketer likes to know how to get free business leads daily. Well you can use MLM Gateway to do just that. Helping network marketers build their business. This is how you get free business leads daily using the MLM Gateway Social Platform:

  • Sign up FREE account
  • Talk to network marketing prospects from your country or anywhere else in the world. This is the fastest way to expand your network marketing business.
  • Meet real people looking for a business opportunity
  • Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team
  • Advertise to your target audience

What do I get if I register?

  • After successful sign up, you can access the database of MLM Gateway members
  • Choose suitable partners based on your selected criteria and send them a request for partnership. Other members may simultaneously contact you.
  • MLM Gateway offers an opportunity to meet great MLM leads, active in network marketing, thereby obtaining the valuable contact information so essential to this type of business activity.
  • Use of the MLM Gateway is free though a paid option is available.

How to use MLM Gateway and get a lot of leads

If you have been using MLM Gateway for any period of time, you know there are massive amounts of people on this platform to network with.

But are they all looking to join another business? Or are they looking to build their own? Here we will take a look at how you can use MLM Gateway and actually get leads, sales, and sign up new people into your current business.

  • Connect
  • Write business announcements
  • Don’t spam
  • Run ads
  • Promote tools
  • Write on dashboard
  • You may include video on your profile
  • Ask for connections
  • Personalize connection requests


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