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Getting your tools in place


This segment will help you get your house in order in preparation of the strategies that we will be sharing. Make sure you go through the lesson materials for the resource mentioned in the video.

In this section of the training we are going to discuss getting your Elamant marketing tool kit. This is extremely important as you take your Elamant journey, I am going to share basic strategies to equip yourself in marketing your business.

Why it is important to possess this information before you start to obtain a great deal of leads. The concept that I am about to share will enable you to get droves of leads and might not be able to properly engage with them, and this will likely leave you overwhelmed.

Watch the video below

  1. You will get scores of leads and some will keep you on your toes by demanding answers fast.
  1. You will deal with different people from different backgrounds with dissimilar disposition.
  1. You need to be versatile in your communication to accommodate everyone (e.g. short text, video, link, audio etc.) this is important as it will save you plenty of time.
  1. You will stay informed and top of things at the end of the day this means you will have to go through the material/resources yourself to be able to answer the questions that are sure to come from your leads.
  1. You need to up your game by being well organised and knowing exactly what you are talking about. You cannot afford to fumble as you are selling yourself along with your business.

What you need to know is that people are lazy, they can have information at their fingertips and still do nothing about it.

Where to find information?

  1. Elamant Website
Elamant website

The first place to acquire information from is here on this site My Elamant, once you are there scroll down till the very bottom of the page. You will find, Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Member Policies and Procedures. Everything you need to know about conducting your Elamant business is packed in these documents. So, take some time in familiarizing yourself with them, you will thank me. This will bring credibility when you refer people to these documents in addition to your response to their questions.

An easy access to the documents:

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Member Policies and Procedures

2. The Online Nomads YouTube Channel

This is the Online Nomads YouTube Channel. I have created a considerable number of videos that explains the ins and outs of Elamant. The videos are broken down into manageable chunks of information for easy viewing and understanding.

3. The online nomads team blog

Yes, we have a team blog as well, we deserve a medal I tell you. On a serious note, we have set up a team blog whereby some of our team members write articles. How it works is they break down the whole content into attainable segments of information. Team members can be granted access to write any content that can bring awareness to their Elamant business. There are a lot of benefits such as found by google and search engines.

 The Online Nomads Website

4. Elamant Connect – Official Elamant Facebook group

This is an official Elamant Facebook Group. Here, there are testimonies but the most important sections to pay attention to on this platform are the videos and files tabs because they contain helpful information that as an Elamant member you can find useful. So, make it a habit of checking updates now and then, it will add in your quest to stay up to speed with what is going on in the company that you represent.

Elamant Connect

5. Accountability Partner

Lastly but not least, your accountability partners are there to help and guide you through the initial stages of your business and help you disseminate and to make sense of how things work in this business. I will discuss further about accountability partners, going into broader detail in the next module.

6. Whatsapp Members Group

Yes, we are versatile in our approach to make sure that our team members always get the necessary information. In this platform, you will find assistance when you cannot reach your accountability partner. This is a safe space for all our team members, meaning ‘The Online Nomads Team’ only.

Words of encouragement go far

Moving forward, we always encourage our team members to have their own whatsapp groups to manage and share information to their prospects. Furthermore, create a whatsapp group whereby you add yourself. Here, you will save all the links, video files, audio file and text files by. You can save these files into your group either by copy and paste or share options. In simple terms, this will be your resource hub at your fingertips. This is to help you keep information at hand and easily accessible when required.

Alternatively, save all your resource information on Google Docs, this will work better if you are constantly online. Google Docs works the same as Microsoft Word. You can access Google Docs from Google Apps, the nine square dots on the top right when you open Google Chrome.


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