Interview with Grace Shumba, Social Media Management as a Business

In this video, I interview Grace Shumba who is doing social media management for clients. To kick things off, let’s look at a quote:

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them, make them.”

George Bernard Shaw

Interview with Grace Shumba, Social Media Management as a Business

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Who is Grace Shumba?

Grace Makomborero Shumba is a lady from Harare Zimbabwe who has no other training except high school and ICDL (International computer drivers license) which a program that teaches the basics of computer studies.

What is Social Media Management

It is where someone finds a client then creates and manages their social media profiles. The process involves page creation, posting of content and engaging with the audience.

What Kind of People/Businesses Need This Service?

Individuals, companies, brands, public figures all need social media managers. As long as you are making money or advancing a cause, you need social media management. They usually don’t have the time to do this so they hire someone to do it for them.

They are also not always up to speed with new trends happening in social media so they need someone who is touch with these trends and able to maximize on them.

When Did You Get Started in Social Media Management?

I started in November of 2018.

What Led You to Social Media for Money?

The act that I was broke was a push and as I was looking at how to make money online, I saw that there were a lot of scams but social media was something that I was very familiar with and knew well so I decided to go that route. I went in thinking that it was easy but soon discovered that wasn’t the case but my love for it kept me in it.

Where you an Overnight Success or Did you Have to Work For it?

No, I wasn’t. I had to work and sometimes I had to work without getting paid.

What Roadblocks Did You Face Early on and How Did you Overcome Them?

I faced many challenges in cases where I would do social media management work for free in the hop that the clients would take me up but they didn’t. I had to use a lot of positivity to get me through that phase in my life.

When people asked me what I did, I would tell them I was a social media manager even though I had no clients at that point.

What Was Your First Major Breakthrough with Social Media Management?

My first major breakthrough was when I got a client who referred me to their friends who had small businesses. It gave me confidence in my abilities going forward because actually believed in my abilities.

Do You Need any Tools, Training or Equipment for Social Media Management as a Business?

The first thing you need is a laptop, phone and WiFi. Internet is essential for this business. You also need tools like Canva, which is a graphics software for free. There’s also Promo Republic which is my favourite tool.

As for training, I started out at Kuda’s seminars which introduced me to this concept in the first place then I did t the first series of Internet Pro Club which helped me a lot. I also did a course with Promo Republic. When you start with them, they give you a course.

Facebook also has training and it’s also good to look for someone who is already doing it so they can show you the way. YouTube also has a wealth of great content to teach you.

How Much Time Does Someone Have to Commit to Make this Work?

It all depends, some days are busy and some not as much. The easiest part is Scheduling the posts. After that, you need to go back to the pages to engage with the audience as well as to check for any errors.

Who Should Pay Particular Attention to Social Media Management as Business Because They Stand to Benefit the Most?

I feel that anybody who is computer literate and understands how it all works can benefit from this. Even if you don’t have the required skills, you can learn them and start doing this.

How Does One Get Started with Social Media Management as a Business?

I think the best way is to find out how others are doing it and learn from them.

Is there any Cost Involved to Get Started?

You need to have WiFi and this is a necessary cost. If you want to use automation tools, you also need to invest in that but it’s not really necessary when you are starting out. You can post manually up until you are able to invest in it.

What is Your Advice to Those Who are Not so Tech Savvy and Are Techno phobic? How Do They Know They are Doing the Right Thing?

I would say look at what others are doing. Visit different pages and look at the type of content that they are posting to their pages and use this as a template to figure out how you can do the same. Mentors are also great to have in such a scenario.

How Much Can One Earn Per Week/Month?

There is no stipulated amount that a social media manager but it all depends on how much you are willing to work and how much value you are able to deliver. You can charge any amount as long as you know you can get the client at those prices.

You are a Zimbabwean. What Do You Think of Fellow Zimbabweans/ Africans Who Are Looking Through the Fence and Can’t Get Started?

It’s all a matter of mindset. Just tell yourself you can do it and step outside the box and comfort zone and find ways that work. At one point I had no electricity and internet connectivity soon after securing my first client. I had to look for a company that I worked for free and used their electricity and WiFi to get my freelance work done.

What Final Thoughts Do You Have to Motivate People to Get Started or Take it To The Next Level?

Just go for it. Just start somewhere. Find out how Canva works, look for someone who is already doing it. Immerse yourself in Social media information.

Are You Willing to Help Someone Get Started and How Do They Reach You?

Yes, I am willing to help anyone and they can reach me on my email at: makoshumba3@gmail.com.

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