How to start an Events Planning Business in Zimbabwe (2021)

The year 2021 is almost drawing to a close and you are probably wondering how you can make money. You have the passion, the time but do not have resources, well, there is some good news for you! In this article l will be showing you how can turn your passion for events planning into reality.

What is Events Planning?

Event planning involves overseeing all logistics leading up to and during an event, whether a conference, wedding, or any organized gathering. Event managers execute the event plans by managing staff, finances, vendor relationships, and more.

What events are planned?

Over the years the events industry has been domineering. Anyone wishing to venture into the events planning business should be fully aware of the hard work involved as lot of attention, input and detail is needed in this field and also time management. Events that are planned include:





     *Entertainment shows


     *Birthday parties




    *Trade fares and exhibitions

How to start event planning?

For one to start event planning you have to possess some skills and gain some experience on event planning. The long-term success of an event planning business will be based on the experience that the planner brings to his or her clients. That means, if you’re thinking about starting an event planning business, you should have a solid grasp as to what an event planner is, and make sure you have some solid skills.


Firstly you will need to acquire inside knowledge of the events industry before going out on your own. You can start by working for an established events company or as an events co-ordinator at a hospitality venue (like a hotel). Learn how the catering is done, menus, quantities, number of guests, how to set up tables and other arrangements. By so doing you are gaining working experience and establishing a name for yourself, and a network of contacts which you can leverage when you have your own events company.

Learn all there is to know by being hands on. You can also move around pitching up different tents, setting up chairs and tables in garden spaces, arranging flowers and the like. There is a lot that can be done in this business.

Some of the skills that will be handy include;

       *Verbal and written communications

       *Organization and time management

       *Negotiation and budget management



       *Public relations

Target Market

Events planning is very broad as one can plan to cater for one or more categories. Who is your your target market? Is your target market upcoming brides? Are you going to concentrate on wedding decorum only that is will you be offering your planning services for weddings only or extend to other events. 

In conclusion, whilst registering an event planning company is a prerequisite, one can start operations even without the resources. Whilst you are waiting or sourcing out funds to purchase equipment and already you have clientale, you can partner with someone already in the business with the resources, you share profits 60/40 depending with the arrangement you would have made, etc, you get your 40% of the profits and use it to buy your equipment till you are able to stand on your own feet. By so doing you are building up your portfolio and also gaining exposure. What are your views and what do you think of the event planning business and other ways one can achieve this in the comments section below.

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  1. Great right up indeed. I have a project i am working as well that involves promoting event on the internet. Reading this article reminded me of the project