How To Share Internet From Your Computer (HOTSPOT) To Other Devices Around

If you cannot afford to buy all these expensive WIFI Routers and other devices to share your internet connection, finally here is your answer. As I was been in the same boat as you of not being able to share the internet from my USB Dongle. Personally, it was another challenge for me as I had to spend more money to buy bundles for my phone. After scouring the internet for software which can solve my problem. I downloaded a number of softwares which share the internet from your computer (hotspot). Among these softwares Connectify, My Public Wifi and the best of them all My WIFI Router. My WIFI Router is the one I am currently using.

What is My WIFI Router Software?

My WIFI Router is software that shares the internet from your computer to other devices (hotspots).

Where To Download My WIFI Router?

It is downloadable on many download sites which include Softonic, Filehippo, Cnet, Filehorse etc but I downloaded it here.

How To Install My WIFI Router?

Once the program has finished downloading right-click on it and run as administrator. Click yes to give it permission and then you set up your WIFI.

Setting Up WIFI Name And Password On WIFI Router?

You set your WIFI name and password then you click Activate Free Wifi button to start the hotspot and share your internet to other devices. On the interface, the connected devices will be seen under the Friends tab. If you have friends who have connected to your hotspot without your consent you can put them on the blacklist and they will not be able to use the internet. Another useful feature I that you can limit their speed and it shows the current internet speed which is being run through it.

Thank you for reading happy connections.

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