How to add affiliate links & banner to a blog or website

I’m going to answer one of the questions that were asked by one of our members on the Internet Pro Club. I have also added a little video for my visual friends. If not a member of the Internet Pro Club, it’s free to create an account. This is where I hang out and answer people’s questions in relation to making money online and internet marketing. One of the questions was how to add affiliate links and banners on a website


How to ask questions on Internet pro club

What type of affiliate links and banners should I add on my website? 

You should decide on which products and services you would like to promote on your website. It’s best to have products that are aligned with what you are writing about. A good example: Promoting a health and fitness course on a bog that shares content about food. This has a great chance of a conversion. There are many affiliates offers out there that one can promote.


What do web banners and affiliate links look like?

One of my websites is a blog were I write product reviews about different products. As visitors read content on my website there are banners, links when they click on them, and make a purchase through my recommendations I get paid. You can read more about one of the companies that pays me as an affiliate how does affiliate make money on deriv



Should I use links and banners on my website

Yes, you should though this depends with the goal of your website. If you own a blog website this can be a great way to generate revenue from your website. Remember affiliate links work differently from google ad sense. Google ad sense is a topic for another day. Don’t fill lots of affiliate links on your articles make sure you do this when it is necessary.

Deciding the size of the web page banner you need to place

There are different sizes of web banners See this article.

Once you decide on the size the next step is to check whether the company you are promoting provides premade banners or not. In most cases, they do provide. I sometimes want to come up with my own designs I then use canva (the design tool) to create the banners I need.

Using embed code to place banners on your website


Using the code method means copying the code and pasting it on your website. This code will only work/respond if you place it in the code area. If done right it will populate the banner on your website. If you are using wordpress and you need to place an ad in the blog post. Then move from visual editor to text editor. The text will allow you to place an html code and show the visuals in the visuals tab.



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