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    How teaching English online works

    In some parts of Asian countries, English is not a mandate subject to learn at school. As people grow they have to look for private tutors for English lessons. This where you come in place as an online tutor.  To start teaching English online you have to use a website that connects you to the students.

    Teacher and Master

    Before you go through the video below make sure you have goe through the first module that covers the introduction to making money online

    Teaching English Online Explained

    The video below explains some of the critical information you need to know. There are also some video that comes after this one where I interviewed other people who are actively teaching online and you will also have access to their contact details if you need their help.

    Watch the video below

    Having trouble watching the video? Click here

    I have had a chance to interview Miss Taf who teaches English online and Melody who teaches Shona/ African Native Languages online.

    If teaching English online is something that you are considering then, after going through this lesson here. Make sure you check out the next lesson which is an interview I did with Tafadzwa. As I mentioned in the video that the best place to start is Bibo

    If you have any questions kindly leave a comment below or use the ask question feature available on the internet pro club platform. Don’t forget to share this article



    Internet Marketing Expert

    My mission is to create 100+ success partners with whom i will share the knowledge that has changed my life especially in the area of online entrepreneurship.

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    2. Teaching English to the Asians online

      1. Is there no competition from those who speak English as a first language for teaching posts in Asia

      2. From which level are the Asian students learning English




    3. The presentations from Tafadzwa and Mel on teaching English and Shona were inspiring and motivating

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