How Affiliate Marketing and commissions Works

We all make service and product recommendations. I am sure you have a few companies or people that you trust can do a certain service well. Imagine each time you make a recommendation and getting paid. It is the same case that’s how affiliate marketing works.

How affiliate marketing works

The larger part of my income online comes from affiliate commissions. My website Kudaonline is a great blog on which I write on different products and services The video below will explain the process.

How affiliate marketing works -video

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  1. A great way to earn passive income. If promoting products that have recurring billing
  2. You can use different technics to promote products and services
  3. You don’t handle support
  4. Just to say a few more are discussed in the video above

The process

In this lesson about the process of making money online. What I shared there applies to an affiliate marketing method. This starts with your market research, Finding the product to promote, Creating the buying environment, Driving traffic and automation.

In the next lesson, there is a practical example of the process.

The Ebook below covers a number of topics. As you go on with the training will cover practical examples

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  1. Hi, Kuda my head has been up and down looking for something I can promote online. I am good at money movement transactions hence I have been looking for such. I want to create my blog now so that I can go on with affiliate marketing. I need to know how to create videos like the ones we have here at IPC. I came across an international money transfer affiliate program, world remit. They first need your email and for you to send money first to be able to receive the affiliate link. Money transfers affiliates most of them do not support Zimbabwean payment options. Thank you for the e-book it is like a manual to this new journey.

    1. Yes its always a good idea to start a blog and promote those services like the money transfer you get residual income. We have a training ahead that is going to help you to create videos like the ones that I do. I think you need to start the blog as soon as possible and you practice as you go