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  • DhabhoTt

    March 20, 2021 at 11:05 pm

    @Everyone @Kudaonline – Are there benefits in uploading your courses only on your website excluding popular sites like Udemy. @Kudaonline I don’t think I have seen your courses on sites like Udemy. If one creates new courses would you recommend them to post the courses on Udemy or only on their website. Will be grateful being told the pros and cons of sites like udemy vs selling on your website vs selling the same courses on many sites (including udemy,, yoour website etc) . A Zimbabwean point of view importantly.. Thank you.

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  • Kudaonline 

    March 21, 2021 at 6:22 am

    Hi how are you, thank you for this question…

    I have not published any courses on Udemy if you ask me the reason i don’t have any. I have been thinking about publishing some of my courses there i do have plenty of unreleased courses.

    Though, I have not published on Udemy there are disadvantages and advantages.

    Advantages of publishing a course on your website

    1. Freedom, this means you can add any ads on your courses in my case I have some affiliate links in some of my courses.
    2. You can charge any amount you want.
    3. List building, You can collect emails for marketing and updates to your members this means you have a unique rich list of people that trusts you.

    Disadvantages of publishing on your own website

    1. You have to handle marketing and website management. Running a membership website needs commitment.
    2. Your brand grows slowly if you don’t have a good marketing budget

    Udemy pros and cons

    1. There is a lot of competition chances are high that even you have published your course you have to do some marketing as well.

    2. Udemy has a huge list of buyers its an established market place. They can do part of the marketing for you. which is an added advantage.

    I am yet to publish a course on Udemy this year it will be my first course. I am not sure if they allow Zimbabweans to publish there. Will keep you updated. I am also looking for experienced people who have published courses there so that i also ask questions.

    But for me having courses on my website helped me realize which courses do people buy most. I am going to put courses on Udemy that have performed well on my current website.

    Let me know if you have any questions

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