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  • Don’t Know what to do in Life Now 2021

  • Mbonisi

    January 28, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Hello @Kudaonline , i have been trying a lot of things lately on the internet and on the ground but , ever since i have seen its possible to make money on the internet and be a internet Entreprenuer.

    i have later on developed interest in forex trading, graphics designing, youtubing on my channels TYM2TRD, GEEK BROZ, Tym4Tech, crypto trading, investing in crypto and all this trying to find a way to make money and ends meet

    along the way from mid 2018 upto 2020 December, i have lost of more than $3400 averaging to USD$5000 (this amount i have seen it by exporting the skrill transaction history from the day i opened it and the bitcoin transactions i did ) through trading, and crypto.


    Now i dont know what to do, i like Forex trading because there is much money there and i have made some, more like around 6% of the above mentioned amount in the past years, all the money i earned most of them through saving money i received for food at shool that was about $5 dollars a month and also money i earned through printing project, buying computer accessories that i later sold by suprise.

    I know i get clients in Graphic designing freelancing at home but i also want to be a pro trader and make money on the times i will be not having Cleints and be a Independent like you Kuda, working from anywhere i want , since i have deep passion in tech

    Im lost

  • Kudaonline 

    January 28, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Hi awesome it’s a good thing that you have taken time to look at your activities to see if you are making progress or not.Here is what I think

    1. You maybe driven by money you u can make from forex trading. Forex trading is profitable yes at the same time it has huge losses.

    I am sure the money you say you have lost is money that you put in forex trading. From this experience this has proven that forex trading is not a scalable business. Because you make money today and the next day you loss it all. Yes there are a number of people out there that are making huge profits in forex trading and that is not the case with everyone. Start to think about passion and what you know more than the money. On the other hand forex can be addictive and you may end up gambling. This will lead me to point number 2

    2. Graphic design on the other hand is a more scalable business. I mean that you can set targets of how many clients or jobs you can do. You find clients and they pay you for work done. Your goal now should be starting to use the internet to find better paying clients and they are there. Instead of having a client that pays $10.00 for a flyer get a clients that pays maybe 50 dollars for a flyers. This process takes time and effort. You need to build a great portfolio and deploy a number of strategies to get to those clients I am talking about. A friend of mine has been able to land on high paying clients on upwork and see her course here

    3. Having looked at your work you are so good at designing and webdesign. I will tell you my personal story. I used to work as a graphic designer. I would get clients yes. But the challenge was that my clients would engage with me when they needed something done. I want to have a business that I can collect money from people month after month. I had to get into web designing. I did an online course on website designing took me about 6 months to finish. I then had to start a webhosting and webdesign project here is the site .

    This is what happened If I do work for a client website its not anything less than $200.00 USD and they pay month after month for their website hosting. We are now in the process of working with other people partnering with them in this web hosting business so that it expands.What is my point?

    Find ways to scale your business up and find ways to make more money using less effort and leveraging the internet for profits. If you case find ways how graphic designers make passive income online.

    Let me know if you have any other qouestions

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