As a child growing up there was this fallacy that life is easy because there was always someone looking after us and being responsible for us. Then life happened (as it always does) we grew up and we learnt the painful truth, i.e LIFE IS NEVER EASY; It has its own challenges. I have come to know that everything in life has to be worked for and everything comes with its own challenges and merits. The same goes with trying to make money online which has its own challenges coupled with myths that sometimes make it look like a fantasy. Today I am going to be sharing the challenges that I faced or am still facing trying to make money online. Here goes …………

1. Me

Yes, you guessed it, the first challenge is me. Before you start pointing fingers at anyone or anything you need to do an introspect and find out where you stand personally with regards to the issue at hand. You might find that it is true to look at yourself in the mirror. I am my own challenge because of the following: 

  • lack of discipline. The fact that I fail to stick to the plans I have set out for myself shows a lack of discipline. 
  • health. This is the most difficult challenge to ignore because as long you are ill you cannot be productive. Most making online ventures are done by ourselves, you being the whole company i.e H.R, P.R, Marketing, Accounts, etc. If you become ill it means the company stops operating. No one is immune from all diseases. One way or the other you will catch a cold or have a fever or your stomach will make you run, etc. Thus we have to make sure to take good care of our bodies because a healthy body has a good sound mind. 
  • trusting other people. This has been a downfall as I have lost money by trusting someone to trade forex online for me. They have blown up my accounts. 
  • lack of knowledge and preparation. This challenge had me on my knees as I would venture into new territories without having done the needed research and thus would fail. 

2. Environment

This challenge happens to all of us as it the surroundings and conditions we operate in. Being based in a developing country (Zimbabwe) makes it even more interesting. We have internet challenges being lack thereof or poor connectivity. You might find that the internet just disappears on you when you have an open forex trade position (forex trading doesn’t like this confusion. I know as I have lost money because of internet connectivity disruption whilst in an open trade position without having set parameters to close the position when I was offline). Some areas do not even have internet connections thus no making an online story from those areas. 

Electricity load shedding is a challenge that hinders most from making money online. Zimbabwe is a developing nation and some areas have no electricity and if there is an electrical connection there is not enough electricity to sustain all areas 24/7 with the connection. Thus yes load shedding has affected my making money online. 

Lack of access to good computers brings another challenge. If you have a good machine, blessed you are, as most of us can only afford the old cheap versions of computers. In developed countries, these machines are regarded as obsolete. Thus technically we cannot compete with our peers who are generations ahead in terms of information technology and artificial intelligence. Imagine using a machine that just blacks out and you have to restart it. Then it is stolen meaning you cannot work anymore till you get a new machine. Working from your phone is also a hindrance as your phone is complaining about space and thus cannot accommodate up more apps of which you need to work e.g Premise app. A headache I tell you. Imagine I still own a Samsung J1 and it is now on its last life cycle. Can’t do much with it only to receive calls and WhatsApp messages. 


From the internet, you get the good stuff and the bad stuff. An overload of either of the two results in information overload. You get confused about which information to trust and use. This makes making money online interesting as you have all this information and you don’t know where to start. I usually give up when this happens to me and start afresh.

In conclusion, making money online has its own challenges and it is up to us to conquer these to make it work. I have just mentioned a few of the challenges I have faced and still facing. I could not exhaust all of them. In the comments section below let us hear about your making money online challenges. 

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  1. Hi awesome article. Most people when they are gettign started they want to make money fast hence we all look for the easy way out. We all have been there where we need to invest in something and we lose money. I guess that is the entry point for most of us.
    One of the challenges you said its you. This is a great turning point it means you are taking responsibility of your actions. Other people start to blame others.
    About the environment I used to think the same as well. When we have a lot of problems around us that means there are a lot of solutions to provide. Though the infrastructure of internet in Zimbabwe is not perfect. This means we have a lot of work to cover to make this happen. One thing I love about being in Zimbabwe is that there is less completion in regard to things to do online . And lastly yes information overload is one big deal for many people. i hope one day you will look back and realizee that you have overcame these challenges.