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As an Internet marketer, I always start by taking down notes of my ideas, my imagination of things that I really want to do, if you can look at one of my websites, which is called Internet pro club, you realize that there is a lot of courses, trainings that are structured in a linear format, the initial stage of getting that in place is to put down some ideas in place.

Over the years, I’ve been using a tool that is called free mind to plan my ideas. But with the cloud technology that’s there right now, I was looking for a solution that is cloud based that I can use to planning my ideas. I’ve also moved from using free mind to another which was cloud based but there are no updates done and it had a lot of bugs. Until I came across a software code Milanote, which is a cloud based software for mind mapping. Should I just say my mapping its more than just a mind mapping tool. 

What is milanote?, is it cloud based software that I use to brainstorm my ideas, and plan my work.  What I love about it is the mind map structure, because it actually helps me to plan my tasks, put my ideas in place. What it does, it separates your ideas into what they call boards and cards.

Milanote Boards and Cards

When you think of boards, think of a folder where you need to put your ideas in. When you talk of Cads, think what you put inside your folders. That is links, images, videos and text as well. One cool thing is that you can connect your boards or cards together with arrows to form a mind map structure.

Why use Milanote

There are several reasons why you should use Milanote and as indicated early on, that my niche involves a lot of ideas, a lot of thinking. If you are anything like me who does a lot of content creations then this is the tool to help you brainstorm your ideas. Business owners, Students, Programmers, graphic designers, and so on. This tool is a must-have. 

I remember when I was doing computer science course, there was a time when we were asked to create the flow chart for code. Milanote reminded me of that lesson. We used a tool almost simillar.

Milanote features that I like

The interface,

Workspace Milanote

the interface is much easier to use. It gives you a more space that is on the dashboard that you can use to navigate and move your boards or your cards around. 

The templates.

Milanote Templates

Milanote comes with pre-made templates for different business models like web designers, content planers, mind maps and quite a number of other niche templates. The templates come pre-made prefilled with information, all you have to do is actually change a few things and see if it fits. If you don’t like any of the templates, you can also use the blank template. 

Web Clipper,

we are always browsing the Internet images, videos, articles, what you can do with the Web Clipper, you can actually use it to capture a video or content on any Web page and send it over to your milanote tool.


I could have gone on and on and on to share the awesome stuff about milanote, but all I can say, it has been a great solution for me. If you have any  tool that you have been using to capture your ideas kindly comment below

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  1. Thanks Kuda for sharing. I like the visual appeal of the mind mapping software. Which platforms is it compatible with and is there an app if I want to do it on the go.