Benefits of Elamant Travel

The world as we know it has passed. This is a new era which no man has yet conquered. In past times globetrotting seemed to be reserved for the high&mighty,a possibility which the average man could just daydream all day long .Guess what ! not anymore. Elamant Travel has opened a whole can of possibilities. No wonder why CEO Ryan Evans usually says,”You can’t find magic if you are not looking for it.”

Elamant Travel offers an innovative and a first of its kind approach to travel  for its members. Benefits include but not limited to…

1.Discount rates of up to 70% to book flights, hotel rooms,car services and entire travel packages for members who use the Elamant Travel Portal.

2.Access to a personal concierge who will assist all throughout the way from travel planning to answering questions regarding your travel.

3.Eligibility to earn back an astounding 1.5% of your purchases in travel reward credits which may effectively be used to partially or fully pay for bookings.

4.Last but definitely not least ,a best price guarantee for member who book a vacation through the Elamant Travel Portal. Which simply means that if you book a flight, hotel room or other services through the Travel Portal and later find the same flight or room at a cheaper price, Elamant will actually credit your account with the price difference in Travel Rewards Credits.

Sounds too good to be true,so is MAGIC…


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