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Affilate marketing in Zimbabwe

In this lesson, I explain the practical example of affiliate commissions. In the previous lesson, we covered the basics of affiliate marketing. Understand that this is a long term way of earning online. Though the video below is about a case study. More ways to promote affiliate products will be shared especially in the marketing strategies modules.

Video-Affiliate Marketing Case Study

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More and more people every day are surfing the internet to find solutions. I many cases people are willing to spend money on solutions they find whether online or offline. As an affiliate marketer, you put content online that will lead people to spend money on the solution.

It all comes down to what content have you put online and is it relevant to your target audience. Let me explain the steps based on the training that I shared earlier

1. Market Research

People who want to take up forex and binary trading will need a way to deposit and withdraw money. In most cases, beginners to forex trading go online to search how this is done. My research showed me that there is a market for skrill.

2. Finding what to promote

Before I wrote this article I shared in the video above I had to figure out how to monetize the article. This is when I signed up for affiliate programs on the skrill, binary.com, and hotforex .SIgned up for their affiliate programs which are free.

3. The buying environment

This is most cases is the website where you connect with your potential buyers. My buying environment is this article on my website kudaonline

4. Driving Traffic leads to affiliate commissions


The method I used is SEO. I wrote an article that matches what people search online. This made my article get more views because of the keywords and relevance. You will learn more about keywords in the training ahead of you. All this leads to affiliate commissions.


Please note the examples given in the video are just for learning purposes. It does not mean everyone will get commissions online. Commissions online vary based on your effort, strategies. WIll be sharing other case studies in the upcoming modules. You may follow more of the training on the training page. If you have any questions please reach out.

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